Sarah Palin’s Presidential Strategy: Pretty Darn Smart

A number of commentators have noted in the past week that Sarah Palin’s political strategy is pretty darn smart — and that we shouldn’t be surprised if it actually works in 2012 to secure her the Presidency. Her brilliance — yes, I used that word — is understanding the changing role of new media in politics, and the old guard of both parties just doesn’t grasp it. Yes, she sees politics as a reality TV show for which the goal is, at all costs, to stay on the island. She is remarkably good at doing just that. Meanwhile, the intellectual elite think, Wow, how dumb and misguided. Not so dumb. But definitely dangerous to turn politics into a celebrity game. But maybe the electorate is deciding that politics has become no more than that — a meaningless game in which there’s a lot of noise but very little meaningful action. So why not make the game more interesting? Forget presidential debates. Turn on Dancing with the Stars. And why not? If the old guard and intellectual elites can’t get anything done, change the channel. Robert Reich is seeing it, as do Bob Cesca and Melissa Harris-Perry. (Cesca sees her strategy as “Three basic steps: blurt out crazy shit, act wounded and victimized by the reaction, repeat.” Harris-Perry sees Palin as “the perfect reality-show star.”) With the help of Fox News spin and a continued bad economy (as seems likely), Palin’s strategy for staying on the island could well work, god help the island.

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2 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Presidential Strategy: Pretty Darn Smart

  1. Siobhan says:

    I have this thought every time I catch a commercial for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on (I believe) TLC. That woman and her team are frighteningly shrewd.

  2. Lance says:

    If politics is a reality show, I want to be the mean British guy.

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