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Let’s Infiltrate Popular Men’s and Women’s Magazines with Rhetoric

My class project regarding Mary Augusta Jordan, a late 19th/early 20th century female rhetorician, and her rhetorical textbook that she published under the guise of a conduct book in 1904, has made me think about conduct books in a new … Continue reading

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“E-days”: The End of Snow Days or the Storm of the Future?

As a child growing up near the “snow belt” in northeastern Ohio, I loved snow days. Whenever my favorite meteorologist (Dick Goddard – look him up) would say, “get out your yard stick, this one will be a doozie,” I … Continue reading

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Professional Female Gamers: Unlocking Achievements

As a child, I grew up playing all sorts of console and computer games with my older brothers, but I often had to fight (literally and figuratively) for my turn. I realized something: as a female entering a ‘male’ world, … Continue reading

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Industrial design, why are you in my head?

Admittedly, I use objects on a daily basis without giving them much thought, but at times, I can’t turn of the rhetorical analysis. For example, I will notice a new product on a shelf and ask, “Why did they choose … Continue reading

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