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It Works Coz You Get to Fill in the ____

The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is turn on the T.V. This morning, I became struck by the ad for a product I always keep in my house: SmartWater. The ad shows an image … Continue reading

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Chopping the “Wild Tongue”

“I remember being caught speaking Spanish at recess—that was good for three licks on the knuckles with a sharp ruler. I remember being sent to the corner of the classroom for ‘talking back’ to the Anglo teacher when all I … Continue reading

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That Mail You Got

Recently, I’ve come across several people’s lament about the dying art of lettering writing. There seems to be a concern that digital technology such as texting, email, and Skype has come to replaced a unique art that existed since the … Continue reading

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The Delivery Is the Message: the Podium Design of Obama’s DNC Speech

August 2008 was an eventful month in Denver, a city where I lived for the past 17 years. The Democratic National Convention (DNC) came to town, and the convention site was literally a block from my workplace. As a Democrat, … Continue reading

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