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Working Rhetoric: A Mother to “Think Back Through”

My last blog will be a story – one of which I am particularly proud.  It is the story of my next scholarly project and it begins with my mom.  My mother, Charlotte, works, as she has for the past … Continue reading

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Tea Party for the Walking Dead: Engaging the Working Class Monster

The topic for this blog has been kicking around in my head – changing shape and meaning – since 2009, when Time Magazine contributor, Lev Grossman commented on the pop-culture zombie craze of that year in his brief piece, “Zombies … Continue reading

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We’re not here to make friends: American Agonism is Everywhere

You know how sometimes, when what you’re  studying, reading, watching, and just randomly encountering during any given week all connect in strange ways, and it seems that the universe is offering you a theme on which you’re supposed to reflect, … Continue reading

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Mad West, Mad Women, Mad Rhetoric

As I have spent the past few weeks steeped in classical rhetoric – in reading through the history of Western ways of knowing, communicating, and essentially creating the cosmos – I have made time for one selfish pleasure:  underdog writer, … Continue reading

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