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Sophists Remediated

The above advertisement is scanned from a recent issue of Harper’s Magazine. “The Teaching Company” sells a variety of courses, mostly in the humanities but also in science and mathematics. The format is basically: the company hires a professor of … Continue reading

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General Anxieties about Twitter, Cont’d

I have been struggling to meet the class Twitter quota. More than once, I have gone to the input box, typed something, second guessed its relevancy to anything or anyone, anywhere, ever, and deleted my writing in disgust. Andy mentioned … Continue reading

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General Anxieties about Twitter

It is a sad, neurotic activity. (A cross of twiddle and titter.) Repetitive, compulsive, hyper-caffeinated. The behavior of the sleep-deprived and the shell-shocked. A trauma-victim’s nervous tick. The stutterer’s affliction, a source of shame, an embarrassment. A heart murmur. A … Continue reading

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