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The agency of the rhetor in kairotic moments

In my first post this semester I wrote about Kairos—addressing, in particular, whether or not celebrity status and/or pop culture can actually create it—yet I want to return to this topic one more time, in light of Leigh’s presentation this … Continue reading

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The need for scholarship on the “Design” and “Administration” of Rhetoric and Writing programs

Intrigued by the conversations I have had in classes regarding the titles of rhetoric and composition programs—should the term composition or rhetoric come first, for example—I wanted to look at the websites of programs other than my own to think … Continue reading

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Towards new definitions of “critical” and “practical” skills?

In the Chronicle of Higher Education this week, Kelly Field’s article “Delivering an Influx of Federal Dollars, Obama Administration Wants Results”—which addresses the debate surrounding increased  federal support of students and college education—sparked a heated thread of comments, the majority … Continue reading

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Kairos and Lady Gaga: The role of pop culture in “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Last week, Lady Gaga used Twitter and YouTube to call senators and her fans to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and people have been talking more publicly about Gaga and DADT as a result. I’m amazed at the power that … Continue reading

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