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Now we can all be Super Spies!

WikiLeaks bothers me. I’m usually quite comfortable with mucking around in gray areas, but I can’t seem to decide exactly how I feel about this practically¬†unmovable Internet behemoth. So I’ve been poking around a bit on their main site. The … Continue reading

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Post-Election Apathy? Or All The Time Apathy?

In the aftermath of this most recent election, I’m left with a feeling of inevitability. Some people will be celebratory on Facebook and in conversation. Some people bemoan the state of affairs and talk about hopes for the next time … Continue reading

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Where is feminism getting us?

I’ve been having fun poking around in the world of Renaissance Venice and feminist writers. Why? For this same reason I get obsessed about grist mills and the weird spider living in my shower: it’s interesting. It feeds my imagination. … Continue reading

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Culturism is a new word

John Press doesn’t like multiculturalism. He’s not a racist, mind you, he’s a culturist. Racism is wrong; culturism is okay. After getting his PhD from NYU in history, he wrote a book called Culturalism: a Word, a Value, a Future. … Continue reading

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